NHI.  Non Human Involved.  Ever heard that term before?  No?  Well, don't feel bad, neither had I, until I watched the compelling and disturbing documentary, Tales of the Grim Sleeper, directed by Nick Broomfield and currently running on HBO.  I have not been able to get it out of my mind.  And perhaps there are many reasons for that.  I live in South Central and recognized every single one of the backgrounds in the film.  Heck, I saw the major corner just two blocks away from my house, at least three different times in the hour and a half film.  I shook my head at the hookers walking Western Avenue that I see on a regular basis.  I was ashamed of my city.  My neighborhood and the sorry state of affairs that we are all in. 

But then, there is more...  For the past two years, there have been disturbing cases of Black men being dismissed and frequently, killed by the police.  It seems like an epidemic.  One that the Black Community was long aware of, but just discovered by the Media and White folk.  Lives dismissed.  Pain dismissed.  Hope dismissed.  Black lives matter.  And so do Latino lives.  Asian lives.  White lives.  Lives matter.  Period.  However, as a society, it appears this is not true. If Black men's lives are not worth the crack that they all smoke (according to clown conservatives), than Black women's lives aren't worth the plastic baggie the crack comes in.  TGS makes that much clear.  And then some.  

LAPD didn't think that Black women would think their own lives matter enough to tell us that there was a sketch of the man hunting us in South Central - for 20 years.  Oh, I mean they had the sketch for 20 years; he was hunting us for much longer than that.  The LAPD didn't think that one Black woman's description of the killer's car (a tangerine colored Pinto, thank you very much - such a common vehicle in 1989 that going through the DMV records would have taken - seconds) and his street (and just one house off the killer's lair) wasn't enough to tell the other Black women to watch out for.  Who knows?  Maybe they thought Grim was doing them a favor?  One less ho for them to have to arrest.  Because in these murders there was no human involved.  It's just a lump of trash in the alleyway.  And those can be swept away, no one the wiser.  

In Baltmore NHI.  In New York NHI  In Ferguson NHI  In Sanford NHI.  In Black America NHI.

It's almost like an extermination.  An extermination with apathy as the primary means.

Care America.  Care.  Our future depends on it.


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