The Days After

I made two bum predictions for the Oscars and now that I've had enough whiskey, I see my errors. And that takes work my friends.

I forgot how much the Academy hates Spielberg's financial success, so he really never stood a chance. Oh, and I told you already that it bored me silly (perhaps that should have been my clue). That said, I still would have have gotten the winner wrong just because I would have not chosen Ang Lee. And my reason would have been simple. His movie should not have been called Life of Pi but rather Shipwreck of Pi since it did not cover his life at all. I'd say that is false advertising.

I have been called out for not choosing Christoph Waltz in the Supporting Actor category when, indeed, he was my personal favorite. I was predicting what I thought the Academy would do. In most cases it aligned nicely with my own favorites (4 out of six ain't so bad). So, in the end, I'm quite happy to be wrong. He is an actor I am always interested and usually delighted to see perform.

As for the show, which I skipped in favor of The Walking Dead and Shameless.  I had a feeling that Seth Macfarlane was the wrong type of host. You gotta be tasteful and yet still crass without losing the ability to be biting and funny. I hear he pretty much failed at all aspects. Between the boob song (I am waiting for the follow up "We Saw Your Dick") and an extremely ill thought out Tweet from the Onion about a 9 year old, I'm happy I got to see a zombie jaw stomped on.  Sounds way more pleasant.


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