Sunday Thoughts

Sunday mornings is when I roll my eyes, yell at the TV and wonder why people who are so stupid and keep getting asked back to the "Sunday Shows".  I'm looking at you Carly Fiorina.  

I propose I be asked to appear on either Meet the Press or This Week and advance the following:

1.  The deficit is a manufactured worry.  It is not what we should focus on right now.

2.  The Sequester will affect people's buying power, thus affecting the overall economy.

3.  Bengazi is a manufactured outrage.

4.  John McCain is a grumpy old man that we should all thank the stars didn't become POTUS.

5.  Obama does not need to reach out to the GOP and be nice to them.  They hate him and by extension, most of the country.

6.  We are a consumer based economy.  See #2.

7.  Zero Dark Thirty is being hailed as a masterpiece, but it's actually a quite boring film mistaken for a great one due to the subject matter.

8.  There is no reason for a civilian to have an automatic or semi automatic rifle; unless you want to shoot Brown People.  See #5

9.  Limit the fucking 20+ bullet magazines.  See #8.

10. Background checks are a more than reasonable condition for purchasing a firearm.

11. FLOTUS is awesome.

12. You can't hunt or protect your home with a shotgun?

13. There is something wrong with the world; Rihanna has 7 Grammys.

14. Spending on infrastructure is called investment.  See #1.

15. Spending on education is actually smart.  See #1.

16. McCain didn't choose Romney as VP & Romney didn't choose Rubio.  Think about it.  & see #4,

17. Rent Searching for Sugar Man today before the Oscars.

18. Hilary will be too old to run for POTUS in 2016; so will Biden.

19. That Gavin Newsom sure is fione.

20. Jobs are jobs are jobs.  Complaining about government jobs is stupid.  Those jobs pay taxes just like everyone else.  See #1.

21. The next time I see a Republican asking for a new base or spending in their district, I'm gonna upchuck.

22. Upchuck in 1, 2, 3...

23. Father's Office does NOT have the best burger in the U.S.

24. Wanna take a bet on when and how Lindsey Graham will come out?

25. I realized I don't have enough upchuck to cover Republican hypocrisy.

26. Let's leave the zombie apocalypse to Walking Dead, shall we?


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