Let Them Entertain You

Ah this weekend are the Oscars.  So, here are my picks.  But first, let me say that my favorite movie of the year is not nominated for Best Picture - well, it kinda is - it's up for Best Documentary.  And you know what, it should be up for overall Best Picture, cause honestly, it's now moved into position of my favorite movie of all time.  Heady proclamation?  Yup, but I have to admit, I love it.  I suspect you might too (once you see it)

It's about art, commerce, social justice and love.  I downloaded the soundtrack right after I finished watching the movie and play it all of the time.  You will be amazed that you've not heard it before.  It's that good.  Here's trailer (the only clip I'm gonna give)

So my predictions?  Only for the big six (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress (lead & supporting).  The others (excepting documentary), I don't give too much of a hoot about.

Picture - obviously not my favorite - not even in my top three, but it looks like the momentum is going to 

Director - whatever - the film kind of bored me silly - heresy I know 

Actress - this girl is the real deal; been saying it since Winter's Bone

Supporting Actress - sometimes there's just a moment and you know someone's got the award

Actor - the dude is amazing.  Deal

Supporting Actor - love him and he, rather than Lincoln provided the emotional highlights of the film

So, I didn't think the year was terribly strong for feature film.  In fact, I think that broadcast television is where it's at, as far as storytelling in new and innovative ways.  The other day, a friend said she and her boyfriend don't watch TV that much, "there's nothing on"!  There's nothing on?  Really?  I asked her what they want to watch and she admitted movies.  "Well! That's your problem!  There aren't any good movies.  You've got to watch series!"  With the advent of the cable "season", there's something on at all times of the year.  The summer is not an entertainment desert like it used to be, so you were forced to go to the movies.  Today, TV is where it's at.  In no particular order, these shows are on my DVR timer (I've said it once, I've said it a zillion times, DVRs are the best thing since sliced bread!)


And let me give you two new guilty pleasures

You're welcome.  All you have to do is be busy in your regular life, save up those episodes and watch a few at a time.  It'll be just like a movie.  Voila!  


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