Come On Get Happy

Oh my Dear Ones, it has been a while, hasn't it?  So much has happened and I can't figure out if I want to put it all in one long post or several short ones.  The basic theme of all of it is happiness.  Happy to bed, happy to rise, happy to be.  First of all, I have my health.  Always good.  Check.  Next, I have a job.  Check.  Roof over my head.  Check Check.  A healthy, happy son.  Triple check.  I don't have to take the Metro.  Oh my goodness, that's a check with a double snap (back handed)!  I had it all.  At least that's what everybody thought - well, me too.  What more to ask for, except money?  A man?

Well, how about a little travel with the Gurls?

We hit up Cabo for four days.  Yup, we terrorized the town.  It'll never be the same.  And be sure you think twice before eating that popcorn at Squid Roe -- you never know whose nose it's been up!

Yup, we went in early May and the place will never be the same again.  If you ever hear a song called, "Crying in the Streets of Cabo", know that our trip inspired it!!!

I got back and promptly got sick.  And.  And.  And.  Met a man!  Shut yo' mouth, you say.  No way!  Yes, way, I say.  And we've been very happy ever since.  See!

We've been having quite the ball - when we're able to be together.  See, he lives in South Dakota.  Yeah, you heard me right -- South Dakota.  That part sucks - but everything else, and I mean everything else is fantastic.    I've no idea what the future holds, but it looks bright.  I might have to wear shades.

And Cammy graduated!  From kindergarten...
Yeah, in the longest pre-7th grade graduation ceremony ever!  For under 100 kids!  In the sun!  50 of them under 5!  As you can see, Cam dispensed with the formalities quite fast:

Let's hope his rebellion is the mark of a free and interesting spirit, not a spoiled brat!

In short, it's summer.  I'm posting again and...


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