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2011 is Here. Yipee.

I think.

There is, I suspect, a general problem with blogging while drunk ("BWD"), but in this case, since I am also trying to fight off some nasty cough-fever-hacking thing my kid has, I think I'll forgive myself.  I've been in the house now for three days and I'm kind of sick of it.  Mind you - just kind of, cause really, I like being home with my kid, my cats and my dog.  My sick mom, not so much.  I told my sister that she needs to go a convalescent home (cue scary music) and my sister told my mom.  I don't care much, even though mom isn't so keen on the idea.  I probably wouldn't be either, but I'd understand.  I guess that is the practical in me - whatever's going to work is fine with me.

Since I've realized that I'm really mad at my mother for not taking care of herself and being so in her own world, I've started to forgive myself for being mad in the first place.  I know that parents get old and that children get resentful…