Getting Slammed Can Be A Good Thing, Right?

If you haven't heard, it's been raining in Southern California. For a long time. Everyday. Ceaseless and endless. Okay, that last part isn't true, but for a region used to languid, dry, sunny days, these last few days have been alien. It really shouldn't matter, because the rain cleans our gutters and our minds - it's not like we don't need it.

So this weekend, when I should have been out prowling the local Targets for Cam's Halloween costume, I was in the house, nursing his cough, generally relaxing, catching up on the DVR'd shows and watching How to Train Your Dragon (if you haven't seen it; see it). I happened to be channel surfing when I came across something I had seen the previews for and secretly decided to watch, Brave New Voices 2010 on HBO.

I cried for the entire hour. I was so enthralled, enchanted, surprised, wowed and well, ridiculously impressed by the talent of these young people that I vowed right then and then that Cam had better grow up appreciating ART. He had better know genius when he sees or hears or reads it. He had better feel something about this world and his place in it.

Of course, there aren't any clips of the performances from the broadcast itself, but I did find the trailer as well as some clips of earlier in the competition of pieces I liked. Of course, this being the AGE of the INTERNETS, I went online and found at least one review of the show (I don't think most white critics can honestly critique slam - it's like a foreign language to them - the poets are speaking Shange and the critic is still aching for Frost). But for me, there were only two or three pieces that I thought were just good. The rest? Oh, the rest were amazing. They were brilliant. They were bad.

I just got my hair cut and was thinking about getting my eyebrows threaded. Think I changed my mind after this?

I see that last year's show can be purchased on iTunes. Good thing getting slammed does not mean not having a credit card. Well, what are you waiting for? Go, get schooled.


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