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Fione Man of the Moment

Alexander Siddig
Now, you know if I zone out for four months, I'm gonna come back with something about a man, right? And whatta man! Just came back from the first of my two chick flick movies this weekend - Cairo Time with this gorgeous man and some woman (Patricia Clarkson). I first saw Alexander in Syriana with George Clooney (a Fione Man alumus - I think; well, if he isn't, he should be!) a few years back. I can't remember why I didn't obsess over him at the time. Hmmm, some kind of disconnect there. Oh, the second half of this chick flick weekend will be Eat Pray Love. Don't worry, I am sooooo not a Javier Bardem fan (of his wife either).
Anyway, I recommend Cairo Time, if not in the theater, see it on DVD or cable. It's quite touching and probably more realistic than most romantic films these days.