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Trip of the Year - the Eastern Caribbean


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It's Grown on Me

Apathy Be Not My Name

Getting Slammed Can Be A Good Thing, Right?

If you haven't heard, it's been raining in Southern California. For a long time. Everyday. Ceaseless and endless. Okay, that last part isn't true, but for a region used to languid, dry, sunny days, these last few days have been alien. It really shouldn't matter, because the rain cleans our gutters and our minds - it's not like we don't need it.
So this weekend, when I should have been out prowling the local Targets for Cam's Halloween costume, I was in the house, nursing his cough, generally relaxing, catching up on the DVR'd shows and watching How to Train Your Dragon (if you haven't seen it; see it). I happened to be channel surfing when I came across something I had seen the previews for and secretly decided to watch, Brave New Voices 2010 on HBO.
I cried for the entire hour. I was so enthralled, enchanted, surprised, wowed and well, ridiculously impressed by the talent of these young people that I vowed right then and then that Cam had be…

Fione Man of the Moment

Alexander Siddig
Now, you know if I zone out for four months, I'm gonna come back with something about a man, right? And whatta man! Just came back from the first of my two chick flick movies this weekend - Cairo Time with this gorgeous man and some woman (Patricia Clarkson). I first saw Alexander in Syriana with George Clooney (a Fione Man alumus - I think; well, if he isn't, he should be!) a few years back. I can't remember why I didn't obsess over him at the time. Hmmm, some kind of disconnect there. Oh, the second half of this chick flick weekend will be Eat Pray Love. Don't worry, I am sooooo not a Javier Bardem fan (of his wife either).
Anyway, I recommend Cairo Time, if not in the theater, see it on DVD or cable. It's quite touching and probably more realistic than most romantic films these days.

Hello Waking Hours, It's Me

Don't you hate when blogs you follow don't post on a regular basis, whether daily, weekly or monthly? I mean, you begin to know us, expect commentary on current events, trends and new products. You expect insight, humor and snark, right? And here I am, not posting on a regular basis, sitting on my ass dreaming up a future or maybe I like dreamin'. I suppose I haven't felt like I had anything important to say. But who am I kidding? Bloggers of all stripes share the most mundane or hey, profane secrets for the hell knows? Hell, somebody finds that shit interesting, right? And yet, I've not been able to get myself to sit down and write. I sure am glad that I don't write for a living, like I wanted to. I'd be one broke bitch.
Now, I'm a big believer in the killer first line. Used to be, I would actually hear a voice laying out the first two or three lines and I'd go from there. Sometimes, the inner voice was give me more than a few lines an…

It's February Already?

I'm not sure what is stealing my time away, but I look up and see that the last time I wrote you, Dear Reader, is way back in December. How the hell did that happen? What on earth have I been up to? I can tell you that whatever I've been doing, it's not been with some great guy (well, that's if you don't count Cam or James the cat) or anything else particularly interesting.
One thing I have been doing is going to parenting classes. The first one is mandatory for Cam's preschool. It's a part of the program. I guess making us volunteer once a month, giving me homework and participation in field trips just isn't enough. Nope, I've got to give up two hours per week for ten weeks. That's right, you read that right: twenty precious hours of vacation given up to the old LAUSD. They need teachers? I can tell that whoever thought up this little gem of a waste of time, did so when women stayed home and didn't go out and work for a living. …