In Defense of Doing Nothing

Since I’ve not found the energy to do much today, other than get up to get food, I suppose I should give some defense to the notion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing nothing. I heart doing nothing. Nothing makes me rest; nothing gives me stamina to do something. Nothing is quite wonderful and should be done more often. My only worry is that I’ve grown so accustomed to doing nothing that doing something seems almost a downright betrayal.

But on the other hand, it’s not like I’ve been a shut in; almost, but not quite a shut in. I have visited friends, gone to parties, museums, dinners… But bring me a lovely Sunday like today and I’m much more comfortable laying in my bed, the center of my universe, watching the Sunday shows, reading the political columns and playing mah jong on Facebook.

But then, I start thinking.

Now that’s not doing nothing, is it? I watch the political shows discussing 9/12, as if it weren’t some construct of Faux News & a few right wing lobbying firms (coupled with some seriously delusional everyday folk who should practice doing nothing). And I think to myself, “I should do something!” And then I roll over and think about how wrong they are and right I am, and that doing something would require actually talking to some of these freak jobs. How quickly does doing nothing appeal after head splitting exchanges with those who will not heed to logic or facts? I’ll give you three guesses...

I could write a check for other people to talk to the wackos for me, those with stronger wills and untapped reservoirs or patience, but I’m broke. Maybe I could write a diary on Daily Kos. But for that, I’d have to muster more energy than it takes me to write an entry for my own blog. No, just better for me to lay here, thinking about how stupid those people are, than actually doing something about it. I mean, what you can do about peoples’ willful ignorance anyway?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way advocating ceding ground to the nut cases, but I already read the political columns and what do they tell me? They tell me that there are a lot of white people really mad that a black man is in charge. Who, by the way, deny that’s the real reason why they’re being so irrational on completely unrelated issues. I don’t think anything I could do could change those attitudes, other than living my life as I do. But, I do know that I can add my voice (the Web makes that so easy), but signing petitions and writing a letter or two to my elected officials stating that I support one position over another. I notice I tend to do these types of things Monday through Friday for some reason. Make no mistake, laziness can give the impression that the patients have taken over the asylum and that only their concerns need be met.

I think of all of this, while I luxuriate in nothingness. Some nothing that is, right? I wish that my house could be cleaned by all my ruminating, worrying and pontificating (to no one but the cats). But then, cleaning would be doing something. And we all know how I feel about that.


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