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We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rainbows! For White People Who Have Considered Suicide

Now you know I just have to weigh on on all of the race talk - or as I think of it, lack of candor in the discussion on race that is barely taking place in the public sphere these days. Look, let's face it, as a country, we do a lousy job of talking, thinking or even acknowledging race as a major issue in our society. One of the reasons that BHO's "A More Perfect Union" speech last year is so admired, is because he dared to be fair and even handed in discussing one of the most, explosive, misunderstood and just plain frustrating facets of human, but especially US society.

I am black. I do not capitalize the term nor do I like to be called African-American. I'm a black woman in a now dominate, but fading, white culture. I see that the status quo is slowly changing and I think, "well good, that's what this country is all about - mixing and making it better!" Unfortunately, a great swath of that once, and still dominate white culture is not so happy. I …

Fione Man of the Moment

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY)

It's a HPA - and no, that's not some new strain of STD. HPA stands for Hot Pol Alert. And boy is Anthony Weiner hot! He's all over the place as an eloquent voice for the public option in the healthcare debate, an accomplished politician and so young - at 45, he's one handsome man. While not married (yea!), he is engaged (boo!). Regardless, he can defend my health and healthcare anytime! Here's to a fione man with an even fioner mission! Thanks for caring Rep. Weiner!

In Defense of Doing Nothing

Since I’ve not found the energy to do much today, other than get up to get food, I suppose I should give some defense to the notion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing nothing. I heart doing nothing. Nothing makes me rest; nothing gives me stamina to do something. Nothing is quite wonderful and should be done more often. My only worry is that I’ve grown so accustomed to doing nothing that doing something seems almost a downright betrayal.

But on the other hand, it’s not like I’ve been a shut in; almost, but not quite a shut in. I have visited friends, gone to parties, museums, dinners… But bring me a lovely Sunday like today and I’m much more comfortable laying in my bed, the center of my universe, watching the Sunday shows, reading the political columns and playing mah jong on Facebook.

But then, I start thinking.

Now that’s not doing nothing, is it? I watch the political shows discussing 9/12, as if it weren’t some construct of Faux News & a few right wing lobbying fi…

Two Months?

Has it really been that long? My, the time flies when you're lazy and broke, like me. August sucked anyways. Too many town halls with people with not a lot of brains. I think I must promise to write again once I am over this fever. Not another excuse.

Okay, another excuse, but a good one, nonetheless. More later. What to ruminate on? Politics? Food? Celebrity? Kids? Social media? The list is endless, which is why I should not have any excuse.

A blog post. Soon.