Shining, New City on the Hill - Bring It!

A few years back, I had a wonderful boss, which whom I am still very friendly. She is a tall Latina and since I am of, at least, better than median height for a woman, she would sometimes refer to the bland, boring bureaucrats that we sometimes dealt with as “weenie men”. And she would look down when she said it. She would also say, quite frequently, “step aside white men; the brown people are coming!”

So, I say to the Republicans on the US Senate Judiciary Committee, “step aside white men, we are here!”

The jig is up; your party is over; the fat lady (who is probably brown) has sung. Your ship has sailed; the chicken is out of the coop; you are so over. Or, in other, less polite terms, shut the fuck up.

Sonia Sotomayor is imminently qualified to be an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. Who confirmed you ninnies? The voters? Half of can’t keep our noses clean (and I mean that literally). These questions are bordering on the ridiculous now. The bias shown to white maledom is astonishing. And I know you don’t understand, because frankly, you’re not that smart. Bright, learned, schooled and educated you might be. But smart? That’s a whole ‘nother level my friends. Let me see if I can try to break it down for you. Try to follow along.

Because white maledom’s views, thoughts and opinions have been the (imposed) standard for most of this country’s history, it is the de facto view, philosophy, outlook that the power structure naturally thinks how people should think, act and feel. That view started to change in the 60s with the basic acknowledgment of blacks, browns, Jews, reds, women Catholics and homosexuals. White folk (as I will call “regular” white people collectively) aren’t very keen on this, because they fear that they will lose standing (dominance). The white power structure (that’s you Senators) flames these fears in order, not so much to maintain this standing for the people you claim to represent, but mostly to retain personal power for yourselves.

Regardless of the motivations of the WPS, it has run headlong into something called demographics. The WPS, along with WF, are under the illusion that the United States of America can be like other countries with one dominant culture and group of people. But see, that’s not reality. See, cause BP procreate at a higher rate, as well as immigrate from other countries. Now, this is mostly because people in traditionally white countries (i.e., Europe), kinda like where they’re at (ya figure? universal health care?) and don’t immigrate here; except for those pesky Irish. Suppose now that their “miracle” economy is in the shitter, they’ll once again be gracing our shores in large numbers. However, they are the okay illegals, right? Nobody calls La Migra over the surname of O’Shaunessy.

Back to demographics – reality is that brown, black, red & yellow folk will out number SF within the next 30 years. That kind of shift means that the cultures of said folk becomes our culture. Yes, you read that correctly. I said that the “values” that you grew up with may not be the ascendant values in, say 10 years.

So I understand why you are so afraid of my sister, Sonia Sotomayor. Ya’ll played nice, with a little affirmative action that enabled her to gain entrance to Princeton. But she didn’t follow the program and simply do a’right, get a cushy public or private sector job and blend in. Nope, she stayed Latina. She stayed Puerto Rican. She kicked white boy butt and graduated summa cum laude. And went on to be exemplary in everything she did. So she is the magic Latina, in much the same way that Thurgood Marshall was the magic Negro. I’m not sure who the magic Native American or Asian is or will be, but trust me, they are coming.

She has met the tests and passed with flying colors. She is worthy. Yes, she means that your definition of mainstream will change; actually should change. However, she should not be feared – nor others like her, with ideas, thoughts, beliefs and philosophies different from your own. She should be hailed, as she represents all that is good with the American Way. She is smart, accomplished, educated and fair. What more must she be? I know that it will be difficult for you, but think of your future brown great grandchildren, laughing, eating tortillas, pasta & collard greens. It is nothing to be frightened of. All culture shifts, mutates, changes. It would not be culture if it didn’t; it would be history.

So, I know you’re all sitting up on the dais, but a new United States of America is birthing. It’s been a very long labor, but it’s almost here. Don’t stand in the way.


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