Love is All There Is?

Yeah, love is all there is. It's all there should be and probably all I want. Love from my son, family and friends. A measure of love from my colleagues. Love, in leave me alone those of you I don't know (and probably wouldn't care to). Love is all around us, isn't it?

I imagine that's all Michael Jackson wanted; he just thought that more of us would love him if he looked white, maybe was white. Such a shame. I'm sad for his children, whatever race they are. I hope that their mother is seeking them because she loves them and not the money that will come with them.

And what about that Mark Sanford? Oh, he's in love and it sounds like somebody loves him back. I think he should chuck it all, head down to Argentina and be with her. I'd respect that. I don't respect the disrespect of his wife. She should love him and let him go. Love is letting him go. I will not speculate on the love of their children. I'm sure they both love them deeply. More reason for them to part.

Oh, and Sarah Palin? I think it's clear that she loves herself more than anyone or anything. What I don't understand is why anyone would love her, especially a thinking voter. Love in this case, would be love of self - she can love herself and we can love ourselves by letting her go far, far away and never bother us again.

If love were that simple...

It all about love; walking to the corner or applying some makeup. Even flirting online. But I'm sure Prudent Gal will have something to say about that. Eventually.


mygreenlefteye said…
You'd respect Sanford for chucking his vows and dumping his family to chase a piece of tail? A piece that was, unbelievably, someone his wife knew?
He's a liar. He should step down immediately, and take his ego with him. As far as his wife goes, she's the wronged party. I'm glad she wasn't like all the other vapid women who silently stand by their man at press conferences while they die inside.

And Michael? He really did have vitiligo. My son had it, so I believe that story. My personal feeling is that he didn't NOT want to be black; he just didn't want to be Joseph Jackson's son and sought to get rid of all resemblance of him. The entire family has sought to delicatize (new word) their face, even Miss Katherine.
Ndelible said…
You can bet your bottom dollar that I'd respect Sanford to stopping the charade and fessing up that he doesn't love his wife anymore and stop lying to her, the kids, and most importantly, himself. I didn't say his wife wasn't the wronged party; however, by continuing in this sideshow, she continues to be the victim and what a shame she can't seem to leave behind the role. I do think he should step down, but NOT for having an affair, but for showing absolutely NO judgement in skipping the country.

As for Michael, I know he had vitiligo. I saw for myself one afternoon years ago. However, vigiligo is an affliction of the skin (and quite common in the Black community; my mom's best friend had it) and generally people try to match the darker portions of that are left; not erase all vestiges of their blackness. And that's what I'm talking about with Michael. It's not all about the changes in his appearance, which were dramatic and quite unnecessary, and ultimately insulting to blacks in general. It was about erasing the black in him; not the black on him. He stopped being Joe Jackson's son the minute he stopped thinking of himself that way. Think for a moment; as someone as talented as he, wouldn't he want children with his DNA? Or at least to reflect a little of him (half)? Perhaps inherit some of his talent? Isn't that why most of us procreate? The vast majority of people who adopt/IVF try to have at least one donor be the same race/ethnicity as themselves. He did no such thing - he wanted white children, blonde no less. He did not want black children. Now that's some self hate, believe you me. And the rest of them - you prove the point; it's not to get away from Joe Sr (schmuck, if there ever was one), but to erase Gary, Motown and wide noses. No, the Jacksons have a terrible pathology. Too stupid to be black.

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