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Shining, New City on the Hill - Bring It!

A few years back, I had a wonderful boss, which whom I am still very friendly. She is a tall Latina and since I am of, at least, better than median height for a woman, she would sometimes refer to the bland, boring bureaucrats that we sometimes dealt with as “weenie men”. And she would look down when she said it. She would also say, quite frequently, “step aside white men; the brown people are coming!”

So, I say to the Republicans on the US Senate Judiciary Committee, “step aside white men, we are here!”

The jig is up; your party is over; the fat lady (who is probably brown) has sung. Your ship has sailed; the chicken is out of the coop; you are so over. Or, in other, less polite terms, shut the fuck up.

Sonia Sotomayor is imminently qualified to be an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. Who confirmed you ninnies? The voters? Half of can’t keep our noses clean (and I mean that literally). These questions are bordering on the ridiculous now. The bias shown to white maledom…

Love is All There Is?

Yeah, love is all there is. It's all there should be and probably all I want. Love from my son, family and friends. A measure of love from my colleagues. Love, in leave me alone those of you I don't know (and probably wouldn't care to). Love is all around us, isn't it?
I imagine that's all Michael Jackson wanted; he just thought that more of us would love him if he looked white, maybe was white. Such a shame. I'm sad for his children, whatever race they are. I hope that their mother is seeking them because she loves them and not the money that will come with them.

And what about that Mark Sanford? Oh, he's in love and it sounds like somebody loves him back. I think he should chuck it all, head down to Argentina and be with her. I'd respect that. I don't respect the disrespect of his wife. She should love him and let him go. Love is letting him go. I will not speculate on the love of their children. I'm sure they both love them deep…