What I Do For World Peace

Today is, hands down, the best day of the last month!

Today, Ndel had an actual, real life, genuine response directly from a Fione Man of the Month! Dontcha love it? I do!

Oh, bless you Twitter! What the social media networking gods hath wrought!

The other day, I was thinking about all of the negative press regarding Obama's Middle East initiatives and the reaction by (some) Israelis. The rhetoric was getting to me as a Black Chick was has lived in Israel and loves it. What I don't love is the sometimes attempts to paint anyone who questions Israel as anti-Semitic. And I especially don't like anyone messing with the Black-Jew love I've had going for 25 years or so. So, I tweeted that I wanted to marry an Israeli man, preferably with some Arab to end this whole thing. What I offer to do! Oh the sacrifice. I offered up Ari Melber (October Fione Man of the Month) as a possibility, even though he's not Israeli. My gal pals from Israel might contend that it's written in the stars for me to marry, at the least, a Jewish man, but talk to them about the German I ended up marrying, and they'll throw up their hands. That marriage, they'll contend, was not supposed to be. I got confused and they forgive me. Back to Ari-gate. Turns out, his father is Israeli. Score!

To make a short story even shorter, the related tweets are below, start at the bottom:

So, I got a tweet from Ari. Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm in tweaven!
Of course, I'll still have to take back that earlier offer to marry Matt Taibbi. I'm sure he'll understand. I can't spell his name.


Lovebabz said…
happy birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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