On My Mind

These last couple of weeks have been kind of interesting.

Dinner at Cut with Skinny Gal & Trace was pretty awesome. In the dining room was the drummer from Rush and that mixed kid from High School Musical. The food was really good - if you go, stick with the meat and the pumpernickel bread. Oh, and the desserts. Do NOT forget your wallet.

Umami Burger has made their menu revolving; meaning they took the mideast burger off. I'm bummed. But I still love the place. Also, Milk has a soft spot in my heart. Stuff seems real good.

Pho is one of my favorite foods and if you haven't had the beef soup, you must try it soon. I just learned that East Garvey Avenue in South El Monte, where I just did three days of flood school, is ground zero for pho in LA County (in the OC - it's Westminster or Little Saigon).

I'm on Twitter and I love it. I get almost all of my news from Tweeters there (Time, Politico, NY/LA Times, Newsweek, The Nation). You can follow me if you like and I'll follow you back. I really like it, especially since I got an iPhone. It's ridiculously expensive, but I LOVE it. The only thing I think must be fixed is that the flash less camera sucks, which is why I am not posting any pictures from it. I am urging Trace to at least get the new Palm Pre when it comes out sometime this month, but she's resisting. I don't know why. I have no problem being connected - maybe that's because I don't have that many people connected to me, so it's not a problem. Pointless maybe, but not a problem.

I'm also, super addicted to Mafia Wars on FaceBook. I'm at level 10, but can't go further until more of my friends join my family. And you know how difficult it is to get someone to join family events...

Like me, who did not want to go to a function that my sister organized for the mentors and teachers for her autistic son, who is graduating from high school next month. Boy was I wrong. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen - teachers being honored by a student and his family. It really needs to happen more often. I think this needs to be a new permanent trend. Much better than those extravagant party for spoiled brats that MTV celebrates, doncha think?

Oh, and I'm getting fatter. Must be all those Umami burgers. No lovers in sight. Need new clothes. Lost is almost over for the season, boo hoo. The swine flu concerns, but does not scare me. Isn't that Obama amazing? And Cam says that he loves me every day.

I'm blessed.


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