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Ndel's Cruise Fashion Laws

So many things wrong with this picture.
I’ve come to terms with who I am. I may not like some things, such as my weight. But I’m self aware and I know that I could lose weight. I also know enough about myself to know that starvation, even if it meant Mr. Casablanca on a silver platter, would only be this ---- satisfying, cause I’d be miserable not enjoying my gourmet (as well as junk) food, champagne and chocolates. I can rant about my weight and how my clothes don’t fit or whatever… Rant away, I tell myself. In the end, Ndel, you gotta love yourself and accept you – warts, cellulite and all. Now, I’m not trying to say that one shouldn’t better themselves; not at all. I believe that we have to make the best of what we’ve got. You know, play up the strengths, cover-up the flaws and camouflage when you can. That’s simple, right? We all wear black. Why? ‘Cause it makes us look thinner, that’s why. You know that.

So, why on this green earth, do women insist on wearing decidedly unflattering…

Appreciating the Downside

This is a post of two movies. One movie rooted in confusion and not very interesting fantasy and the other rooted in filthy squalor along side waves of metallic shine less than five miles from my home. Both movies star hunky men whom I admit I find attractive. Admittedly, the two more attractive in the mess of a movie Wolverine. The other two attractive stars starring in a movie I think captures my home city in a way that no other has in many a year, The Soloist.
Let's start with the fantasy, mostly because I fantasize that one day I'll meet Hugh Jackman, he'll fall instantly in love with me and I'll become Mrs. Jackman (no offense to the current Mrs. Jackman meant). Well, maybe that's not exactly how my particular fantasy goes, but it'll do for now; I'm sure little eyes are prying. Okay, Wolverine. Where do I start? By now, you've got the picture that I love Hugh Jackman; adore him; think he's hot; think he's supremely talented; loved his Oscar …

On My Mind

These last couple of weeks have been kind of interesting.

Dinner at Cut with Skinny Gal & Trace was pretty awesome. In the dining room was the drummer from Rush and that mixed kid from High School Musical. The food was really good - if you go, stick with the meat and the pumpernickel bread. Oh, and the desserts. Do NOT forget your wallet.

Umami Burger has made their menu revolving; meaning they took the mideast burger off. I'm bummed. But I still love the place. Also, Milk has a soft spot in my heart. Stuff seems real good.

Pho is one of my favorite foods and if you haven't had the beef soup, you must try it soon. I just learned that East Garvey Avenue in South El Monte, where I just did three days of flood school, is ground zero for pho in LA County (in the OC - it's Westminster or Little Saigon).

I'm on Twitter and I love it. I get almost all of my news from Tweeters there (Time, Politico, NY/LA Times, Newsweek, The Nation). You can follow me if you like and I…