The Perils of White Women Continued

On Sunday, a USC co-ed & a fellow student were hit by some lawless sons of bitches. The female died from her injuries at a local hospital and the male was carried 500 feet on the windshield of the vehicle before the assholes stopped and threw him off.

Pretty heinous, right?

Worth $135,000 reward?


The LA City Council is putting up $75k, USC is putting up $50k and LA County Supervisors is putting in another $10k. This is within three days of the incident.

How many unsolved murders are out there? How many hit and run accidents taking the lives or maiming others?


I can't help but think this kind of outrage about a dead white girl (wait, is Fox on the scene? They haven't had a WW to hang their ratings on in a while; Natalee Holloway just doesn't reel 'em like she used to) is hyped up "concern". I'm sure if I did a search of hit and run accidents where there was a fatality, I'd find plenty. I'm equally sure that I would not find such hefty rewards attached. Let's face it, as tragic as this is, and it is tragic, this young women left no children to care for. She was cut down at the beginning of her young life, this is true, but I'm failing to see where the cost analysis for the reward is coming from.

Yes, I am. She's white. The boy was white and frankly, this much money would never have been ponied up for a black or brown teenagers.
Even if the mother held a picture up and sobbed for the cameras.
Well, maybe a $5,000 reward.


Aleece said…
It was because of the SC money. I do, however, see the constant inequality when a little black girl goes missing as opposed to a little white girl. Now THAT ticks me off.

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