Fione Man of My Tastes

Lt. Col. Michael Strobl (ret)

Hear ye, hear ye!

This is the type of man I classify as my "type". I've noticed that I have a thing for military men, but I'm not a uniform chaser. It's something about the short hair (although I like long hair too) and the steely stare. I tend to like icy blue eyes and salt & pepper hair. I've always known that I am a big fan of facial symmetry - if I think a person's features aren't balanced, I'm so not into them. So this is it, the epitome of the look of the guy I like.

Lt. Colonel Michael Strobl escorted Chance Phelps, a fallen soldier back from Iraq in 2004 and wrote a moving account of his journey, to be an HBO movie premiering this Saturday with Kevin Bacon playing Strobl. I'm planning on watching because the movie itself looks interesting and Strobl will probably be in some kind of pre or post show. Lucky for me.
So, if you see somebody walking down the street who looks like him and he happens to be single, give 'em my handle, will ya?

Couldn't resist a uniform shot, who could? I mean really...


Love in man in uniform. After 15 years with the military though, how could I not? Ha! I'm a sucker for a nice, fresh, military haircut. Yum!

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