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Fione Man of My Tastes

Lt. Col. Michael Strobl (ret)

Hear ye, hear ye!
This is the type of man I classify as my "type". I've noticed that I have a thing for military men, but I'm not a uniform chaser. It's something about the short hair (although I like long hair too) and the steely stare. I tend to like icy blue eyes and salt & pepper hair. I've always known that I am a big fan of facial symmetry - if I think a person's features aren't balanced, I'm so not into them. So this is it, the epitome of the look of the guy I like.
Lt. Colonel Michael Strobl escorted Chance Phelps, a fallen soldier back from Iraq in 2004 and wrote a moving account of his journey, to be an HBO movie premiering this Saturday with Kevin Bacon playing Strobl. I'm planning on watching because the movie itself looks interesting and Strobl will probably be in some kind of pre or post show. Lucky for me. So, if you see somebody walking down the street who looks like him and he happens to be sing…

Another Valentine's Day Alone

It's just another day, right? Another day when I will not get flowers or chocolates or diamonds. Well, I'd buy myself diamonds if I had some money. It's another night that I don't have to worry about making a reservation at an over priced, underwhelming restaurant. It's another night that I won't share my bed with a fantastic lover. Yup, it's one of those nights. A regular night; a standard night. It's a Saturday night. HBO will be my date and Cam my wing man.

It's just another day. Pass the popcorn.


Okay, I'm watching Meet the Press, I as do every Sunday and we're on the round table segment. The guests are Steve Forbes, Erin Burnett and Steve Zandi. After talking the stimulus plan and how to save the banking industry, they get to the hot topic of the week - the $18 billion on bonuses given out by Wall Street.


All three - can they bother to have a liberal economic voices or don't we have any of those - make excuses for the bonuses. Main Street doesn't understand, see the money that the taxpayers gave them isn't the money used for the bonuses. Oh, see, one guy makes money, so even though the company as a whole lost money, shouldn't that one guy be compensated. Oh, it's a slippery slope and we don't want to start getting into telling companies what to do.

The hell we don't.

This is utter hogwash. The problem with our economy is that people are not thinking about the collective; they are simply thinking about themselves. Surely, bonuses - and I d…