The L Word is Back and Trace is Scared

"Girl, did you know that lesbians look like us - or maybe we look like lesbians? They're wearing make up and everything! All dressed up."

So said Trace this morning, telling me about her adventure at a premiere party for Showtime's The L Word. I used to be a big L Word fan, but it got all weird, so I marginally follow it now. Haven't watched the premiere from last night yet.

"I know Trace. That's why my mom keeps telling you to wear makeup. People think we're lesbians."

"They do, huh? Oh my gawd girl. Here I am, living with Diana all these years.... People think we're a couple and won't admit it."

"Yup." head nodding.

"But Diana's not even my type, if I were a lesbian... I would never be with her.... I'd be with a president of a company or something...."

"Uh huh girl, you sure would."

"There's so many of them... What do I know, I hang with cute gay guys..."

"Well, think of it this way, the more lesbians, the more men for us."

"Yeah. Who knew?"

Everybody but Trace, I'm afraid.


Aleece said…
I died reading this.
Ndelible said…
Can't wait for you to meet Trace - she's the funniest person I know. She's a hoot.

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