Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!

I don't wanna ever even look sideways at any man who says, "I wanna...(insert some perfectly doable thing that this particular man will somehow find impossible, after many protestations of course)".

Uh huh.

Think about it. There is a difference between someone who says, "I want to...", "I will...." or "I'd like to..." Somehow people who use those declaratives actually do a few of the things that swirl around in their heads.

But the I Wannas? Not so much. Somehow, planning becomes an impossible task; making allowances for the thing that they "wanna do", a grave inconvenience. For them, I find actually thinking, planning and acting accordingly for their want, hurts their minuscule minds. Or perhaps they think that simply wanting something is enough. Or just voicing the want is sufficient.

However, they obviously aren't taking into account someone like me. When I hear, "I wanna..." I expect you to do some shit to make whatever happen - whether it be painting a room, fixing the car or getting that ever elusive degree. I mean, are they saying that shit to make me think they're big thinkers? Or do they hope that whoever happens to be standing around when they make their pronouncement will find them big thinkers or exciting personalities? I'm the first one to tell you that voicing an intention is the first step to making it happen, but please, actually have the intention behind the words.

So, I want this: from this moment on, only men who will do something positive and loving. And have the intent behind the wish.

Pass it on.


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