Fione Man of the Month

Barry Pepper

I think I first noticed him in The Green Mile. He's been in loads since, mostly confusing folks - as he looks a tad like a young, better looking Gary Busey. But Busey he's not. Most recently, he was in Seven Pounds as Wil Smith's best friend married to a BW. You know how much I love that! Yup, he's a cutie.
Put him in more stuff, quick! SAG strike or no!


Lovebabz said…
I am not feeling him so much. He is good looking...but he is too anemic looking for my taste. Too boyish. Will give him a nother look in a few years as he ages...LOL!
Ndelible said…
Yeah, he is skinny, but -- and this is my personal philosophy - tall, skinny men have all of their strength concentrated in one place!!!

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