Am I the only person under 41 who is not on Facebook? One of my oldest and dearest friends, we were roommates in Israel, called and told me that there's been a bit of a reunion from our group mates on Facebook. Loads of us are on there.

Except me.

Well, technically, I just deactivated the darn thing cause I thought it was boring. And don't tell me that was just because I didn't have any friends.

But, today, I got an email from one of my schoolmates and I'm impressed. She found the blog on her own. So....

Perhaps I'm not as anonymous as I thought. And maybe I shouldn't be.

Facebook here I come?

Can a MySpace page be far behind?


Lovebabz said…
LOL! I don't have a facebook either (I'm 45). I have a myspace page which is in name only...no photos no info...hell I can't even remember the password LOL!
Ndelible said…
Well, I broke down and reactivated and the friends rolled right in. It's kinda scary, but in a good way. But, I'm holding the line with no MySpace....

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