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Days go by so fast - and mostly, I just lay in bed, dreaming them away. But I do catch one or two things here and there. Recently, the brouhaha about Caroline Kennedy wanting to be the next senator from New York and Obama's selection of Rick Warren to do the invocation have given me more than a laugh.

The Rick Warren thing is a little more substantive to me. Mostly because I voted no on Prop 8 and think that gays should be allowed to marry. I find positions that demonize gays flat out wrong. But I think Obama's choice of Warren was a stroke of genius. I do not disagree with it at all. I think it is turning the other cheek in a reverse way. His choice of Warren is a big slap in the face to the right wing of this country. It is not a present or an implicit agreement to their views. It is showing them that we can be/are bigger. What has been the biggest problem with the Bush administration? Ignoring half of the country, that's what. W would never have given an equivalent liberal pastor the same courtesy. What's that courtesy? The courtesy of acknowledgment. I know that many on the left don't see it that way; they want blood. But Obama has told you from the beginning who he is. He wants to highlight our commonalities and not our differences. Might it occur to anyone what Warren might be the one who sees the light? Who changes his opinions and therefore influences those in his flock?

Be not angry. There is method to Obama's madness.

On Caroline Kennedy. What's wrong with her? These Clinton apologists need to quit. There are no qualifications for being a senator other than citizenship and age. She fits both. Get over it.

A black bird got into our house yesterday. We're not sure, but we think it came through the chimney. I'm hoping that the only omen there is that I need to have the chimney serviced. But one never knows, does one?


Lovebabz said…
On point as always!


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