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And Another Thing

Days go by so fast - and mostly, I just lay in bed, dreaming them away. But I do catch one or two things here and there. Recently, the brouhaha about Caroline Kennedy wanting to be the next senator from New York and Obama's selection of Rick Warren to do the invocation have given me more than a laugh.

The Rick Warren thing is a little more substantive to me. Mostly because I voted no on Prop 8 and think that gays should be allowed to marry. I find positions that demonize gays flat out wrong. But I think Obama's choice of Warren was a stroke of genius. I do not disagree with it at all. I think it is turning the other cheek in a reverse way. His choice of Warren is a big slap in the face to the right wing of this country. It is not a present or an implicit agreement to their views. It is showing them that we can be/are bigger. What has been the biggest problem with the Bush administration? Ignoring half of the country, that's what. W would never have given an eq…

The Christmas Carol I Wish I Could Sing...


Saying Goodbye

I haven't felt too creative these days. I guess you could say that's happening a lot to me lately. But this time, I promise, I have good reason. That picture below -- of me and my girls? These days, there are just two of us. Yeah, the economy really does suck the big one. I lost my assistant. I'm sure she's doing just fine - happy to be without the pressures of a place that she really didn't care much for. It's me that I'm feeling sorry for - oh, and skinny gal. We're the ones left behind to scramble and hustle.
But we have to care about the work, right? I mean, we could be without a job in the blink of an eye. So be happy.
Take it. Smile. Don't complain.
I'm very tired, but can't sleep much. Guess you call that worry. Stress. And we know what stress does to me.
Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to have a job - heck, have my career. But I am tired and annoyed and mad, all at the same time. I look over at my little love and I sigh.