Too Much TV

Well, now that the campaign is finally over and not sucking all of the air out of the room - we can get to the new TV season. I am the first to admit that I am a junkie, always have been, always will be. I mean, the invention of the DVR is the best thing next to --- heck, sliced bread, for heaven's sake! I love that thing. I can go to sleep, since I'm so lazy. I can not miss shows when there's a conflict. I don't have to worry about specials. I'm so TV crazy that I want to get a Slingbox and a Slingcatcher.

Pretty cool gadgets. The Slingbox allows you to beam to multiple televisions as well as to be able to watch your own television, DVR or BluRay from your laptop anywhere in the world. The Slingcatcher allows you to take stuff of the Net and play it on your 50 inch plasma television. That means full length episodes on the network sites, YouTube, or films on demand from Netflix (yeah, member of that too). It also allows you to transmit your own photos or video to your television from your laptop. Cool huh?

So, I've kinda watched the new shows and three stand out for me.

Life On Mars

This one is another of those imports from Great Britain that seem to be so common these days. I never heard of it before this year, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I'm hooked on this one. I might venture out and try out the original, but for now, this will do. Oh yes, this will do. First of all, it stars the delicious Jason O'Mara, another cutie I've never heard of. Oh, we are talking future Fione Man of the Month fo' sure! Basic premise is modern day cop gets hit by a car and wakes up as himself in 1973 - no other explanation. He doesn't know why and neither do we. I like the premise, I like the actors - Harvey Keitel's first television role my gosh sake's! It's been losing against the weaker Eleventh Hour (yet another British import - theft?), I think it deserves a chance, so I urge you to check it out.

Thursdays on ABC @ 10 pm (set your DVR)

True Blood

Okay, I'm one of those who got fooled by the Tru Blood drink campaign of billboards and bustop benches perched around the city. Guess I haven't been reading the trades like I should. But this newest creation by Alan Ball had me at the first bite. It's about a slightly kooky, naive mind reader in Louisiana in a world where vampires have "come out of the coffin". Gee, I wonder what Mr. Ball's sexual orientation is? She falls for a sucker named Bill and all sorts of mayhem ensues. There's a really hot old vampire, another future FMoM, Alexander Skarsgard and shape shifters. I'm wondering when the werewolves and wizards will exercise their civil rights as well. Only three episodes left in the season, but HBO is really good at repeats.

Sundays on HBO @ 9pm

I frequently watch things based on reviews in the LA Times. The Times gave this one the thumbs up, so I tuned into the premiere and was immediately hooked. They have some Austrian Cate Blanchett lookalike plays a FBI agent who gets assigned to a unit that investigates something they call "The Pattern". It's all very neo X-Files without being dark and creepy. Comic relief is provided by a kooky, brilliant scientist who worked on versions of the things they're investigating now and his son, played by Pacey, all grown up and looking kinda good. Isn't that convenient? And hey, why don't the bad guys (who we don't know) just kill him, he's helping the good guys (we think)?

Tuesdays on Fox @ 9pm

There are returning shows that are keeping my attention, thank goodness. Dexter is keeping it red. Great third season and Jimmy Smits isn't even getting on my nerves! The Sarah Silverman Program. She's crazy and crass, but I love her. I'm looking forward to the return of Flight of the Conchords too; can't come soon enough.

Shows that are quickly losing my attention:

Heroes (huh?)
Grey's Anatomy (how many times can they sleep with each other?)
Ugly Betty (for being so ugly, she sure does get a lot of guys interested in her)
Law & Order SVU (ho hum)
Samantha Who? (who cares?)
Lincoln Heights (how many times can they be held at gunpoint before they get the "point" and move?)
Pushing Daisies (if they can never touch, what am I watching for?)

Shows that have already lost their slot on the DVR timer:

Sexy Dirty Money (I'm broke; they should be too)
Private Practice (no chemistry and too much medical drama; haven't these people heard of hospitals?)
The New Adventures of Old Christine (the only CBS show I've watched in years)
Life (law enforement zen taken a bit too far)
Beverly Hills 90210 (you know I couldn't resist checking this out at least a couple of times!)
Californication (bed hopping that got boring? you betcha)

Well, now I can go back to being mindless and writing more posts. Thank goodness I can do step aerobics on the Wii Fit while I watch either TV or the DVR.

Change is gonna come.


Lovebabz said…
First off, I want one of those sling thingies!

Secondly I love the new shows...however I can't keep up even with TIVO damnit! YOu picked some good ones too! I would add Damage with Glenn Close

Third, I am feeling you on the shows that are starting to get on my nerves.

Oh and I gotta add my reality shows...Top Chef, Project Runway and the Chef Jeff Project---Love this one to peices!
Ndelible said…
I haven't seen Damages, although I've heard it's really good. I'm going to have to get it off Netflix and catch myself up. And I love Top Chef too. Can't wait for the new season!!!!

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