The Pictures I'd Take!

I like that digital cameras are so easy to use. I don't like that most pictures I take with my digital camera go into the digital pictures black hole. Most of those things will never see the light of day. Before I got my upgraded Blackberry, I kept thinking every time I saw something interesting on the street, "I wish I had a camera phone; that'd be cool to post on the blog!" Like the time I saw a fairly done up lady pushing herself in a wheelchair in spiked heels. I sat here trying to think of those other "I wish" moments, but they escape me at the moment.
Now that I have a camera phone, I've discovered that it's not very good. And it's slow. Oh, and everything in the frame must be absolutely still. Try that with an almost four year-old. So, I apologize upfront for the crappy quality of some of the pics. I'm presently waiting for my recharger so that the Nikon can take up permanent status as the digital camera of choice.
Regardless, I still see things that catch my photo eye.
I call this one, "If Buddha Had Big Hair"


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