Now THAT'S a Smart, Sexy, Sassy Lady!

When someone thinks you know something (even if your answer is wrong) and is impressed by that answer, shouldn't you get the benefit of a royally fabulous fuck?

I mean, with your (supposed) right answer instantly makes you smart, right?

And smart makes you sexy, right? At least that's what all the men tell those survey takers.

And smart + sexy = sassy, right? I mean, if you're smart enough to know you're sexy and actually think you're sexy, that's sexy.

So, do I tell Mr. Casablanca that, in spite of all of the aversion, the pretense, the denials and the regrets -- he's got to admit this:

I'm a smart, sexy, sassy woman and he's the one who's losing out.

If I can admire his familiarity with Black History, he can admire my familiarity with world geography and American lit.

Is sex with a smart person better than sex with a skinny one? By that measure, I guess sexy is better with a smart, skinny person.

Guess it all depends on who's doing the grading.

Call me Ishmael.


Lovebabz said…
You are indeed SEXY. SMART. SASSY.

If he ain't feeling that...fuck him and keep it moving!
Ndelible said…
Moving on....

Movie endings are for movies...

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