Fione Series of the Year

True Blood

Okay, when's the last TV show that had so many fione men on it - Lost? Well, move on over, the HBO series True Blood has many hot, hot mens! It's raining men. Hallelujah!

Alexander Skarsgard

A tall (6'4") Swede! Son of actor Stellan Skarsgard, he's foine. Can't wait to see more of him - I might even catch Generation Kill.

Stephen Moyer

A Brit who actually looks better outside of the series. I don't recall seeing him before, but I look forward to seeing him again.

Sam Trammell

He's such a cutie - another unfamiliar face, but I like that. New things to see!

Ryan Kwanten

An Aussie - ain't seen him either, but man, you gotta check out the body on this one!

Nelsan Ellis

Oh, he's so cute and great as Lafayette; I could think about becoming a fag hag for him!

The sad news is that Sunday was the season finale - be sure you catch it in reruns. I think you'll find it captivating.
Trust me.


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