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Me & My Girls

Ndel takes home an industry award. It's fun to beam with the gals - Skinny & Lanky.

Fione Series of the Year

True Blood
Okay, when's the last TV show that had so many fione men on it - Lost? Well, move on over, the HBO series True Blood has many hot, hot mens! It's raining men. Hallelujah!
Alexander Skarsgard

A tall (6'4") Swede! Son of actor Stellan Skarsgard, he's foine. Can't wait to see more of him - I might even catch Generation Kill.

Stephen Moyer

A Brit who actually looks better outside of the series. I don't recall seeing him before, but I look forward to seeing him again.

Sam Trammell

He's such a cutie - another unfamiliar face, but I like that. New things to see!

Ryan Kwanten

An Aussie - ain't seen him either, but man, you gotta check out the body on this one!

Nelsan Ellis

Oh, he's so cute and great as Lafayette; I could think about becoming a fag hag for him!

The sad news is that Sunday was the season finale - be sure you catch it in reruns. I think you'll find it captivating. Trust me.

Now THAT'S a Smart, Sexy, Sassy Lady!

When someone thinks you know something (even if your answer is wrong) and is impressed by that answer, shouldn't you get the benefit of a royally fabulous fuck?
I mean, with your (supposed) right answer instantly makes you smart, right?
And smart makes you sexy, right? At least that's what all the men tell those survey takers.
And smart + sexy = sassy, right? I mean, if you're smart enough to know you're sexy and actually think you're sexy, that's sexy.
So, do I tell Mr. Casablanca that, in spite of all of the aversion, the pretense, the denials and the regrets -- he's got to admit this:
I'm a smart, sexy, sassy woman and he's the one who's losing out.
If I can admire his familiarity with Black History, he can admire my familiarity with world geography and American lit.
Is sex with a smart person better than sex with a skinny one? By that measure, I guess sexy is better with a smart, skinny person. Maybe.
Guess it all depends on who's doing the grad…

The Pictures I'd Take!

I like that digital cameras are so easy to use. I don't like that most pictures I take with my digital camera go into the digital pictures black hole. Most of those things will never see the light of day. Before I got my upgraded Blackberry, I kept thinking every time I saw something interesting on the street, "I wish I had a camera phone; that'd be cool to post on the blog!" Like the time I saw a fairly done up lady pushing herself in a wheelchair in spiked heels. I sat here trying to think of those other "I wish" moments, but they escape me at the moment.
Now that I have a camera phone, I've discovered that it's not very good. And it's slow. Oh, and everything in the frame must be absolutely still. Try that with an almost four year-old. So, I apologize upfront for the crappy quality of some of the pics. I'm presently waiting for my recharger so that the Nikon can take up permanent status as the digital camera of choice. Regardless, I still …

Too Much TV

Well, now that the campaign is finally over and not sucking all of the air out of the room - we can get to the new TV season. I am the first to admit that I am a junkie, always have been, always will be. I mean, the invention of the DVR is the best thing next to --- heck, sliced bread, for heaven's sake! I love that thing. I can go to sleep, since I'm so lazy. I can not miss shows when there's a conflict. I don't have to worry about specials. I'm so TV crazy that I want to get a Slingbox and a Slingcatcher.
Pretty cool gadgets. The Slingbox allows you to beam to multiple televisions as well as to be able to watch your own television, DVR or BluRay from your laptop anywhere in the world. The Slingcatcher allows you to take stuff of the Net and play it on your 50 inch plasma television. That means full length episodes on the network sites, YouTube, or films on demand from Netflix (yeah, member of that too). It also allows you to transmit your own photos or video to y…

High Definition

Victory is so sweet, especially in high definition.

Actually, it's my theory that CNN has been winning the cable ratings war because they broadcast in high def.

As I said to Mr. Casablanca, "why would you watch it any other way," after he chided me for advertising my 50 incher to watch CNN in high def tonight. I'll post pictures of us hanging out, crying and screaming later.


A black president.

Oh my.

I was actually impressed with McCain's concession speech. It was the best of the campaign. Too bad the campaign is over.

Is it me or does the world feel different? More at peace? More possibilities?

Somehow I don't think so.

It's Done

Has to be one of the happiest day of my life, after the birth of my son. Amazing. Amazing.

Ladies and Gentlement, the President of the United States of America

When they called Ohio, it was over. Just waiting for the call for 270...