I Could Do It

I don't feel so mad about the revelation that the RNC spent around $150k on clothes for the Palin clan. Heck, I could spend that amount just on myself. For instance, check out this suit that I would find myself in daily, if I could afford it:

Dior jacket - $1,990
Dior skirt - $790
Wolford tights - $58
Dior tote - $1,400
Dior booties - $790

Total - $5,028

See how easy it is? No problem for me to spend up that $150k.... Maybe I oughta think about running for office. With my flawed background and questionable allegiances, being all liberal, I think I'd be a shoe in.
But, I'd definitely have to keep the clothes after I lost.
For sure.


Lovebabz said…

You know I would vote for you! And that outfit is FIERCE! Gotta add some baubbles from Harry Winston or Tiffany's

Hope you had a great Halloween!
Ndelible said…

You ain't kidding!!! And I've found zillions more - and for $150k, I could get them all and then some!!!

I adore Tiffany's - and Cartier...

Halloween was gurl's night - talk of love and the election. We're having a party!!!!

Hope yours was a good one too! Oh, gave me an idea - I'll be putting up a pic soon!

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