Black Power

Where have I been? Nowhere special, believe me. I've been sick - oh that cough. And I've been to the shelter. Never get dog or cat from anywhere other than your local shelter. James and Emily - Cam named them for tank engines on Thomas the Tank Engine TV show. They are so sweet and I've needed that this past week. You'd think, me all alone, okay not alone, Cam has been sick too; but still, laying on my ass - I should have written something. All I could do is read about the election. Oh, the election.

Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States; I promise.

Other than that, I just watched both "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and "Citizen Kane" for the first time. I liked CK more than MSGTW - even though I'm a big Frank Capra fan. "It Happened One Night" is one of my faves.

I'm here and announcing that Mr. Casablanca is back -- I'll have more later this week; I hope.


Lovebabz said…
Hello Sister Dearest!

I do hope you are feeling better by the time you get this comment!

I am loving the election season, but I am making myself step back every so often. It can really get my blood pressure up. LOL!

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