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Auto Me

So, you wanna know where the heck I've been? Well, lemme tell ya, nowhere all good, that's where. I've been pretty run down, mostly distracted and not liking life a whole heck of a lot, but also really, really tired. It came to a head two weeks ago, with what started with (I thought) a bug bite. But you know that's not what it was, right?
After a week of suffering, it was confirmed that I had shingles. Yes, yucky, nasty, very painful shingles. Luckily for me, it was a very mild case of them. I had the devil's own elixir, steroids (sprayer) that really slowed the spread down and dried out the blisters. But, I was still infectious, so home I stayed. Oh man, shingles hurt - like acid on your skin. Never any fun.
So, I suppose I could have been writing very creatively every day for your enjoyment, Dear Reader, or I could have rested and not thought about much but the Repuglicant convention. Okay, that's exactly what I ended up doing. I guess that I felt my blood pre…