Who's Fit? Wii's Fit!

I'd like to say that I've been out climbing mountains, winning Olympic gold medals in swimming or saving the world from McCain, but alas, I have not been doing any of those things. What I have been doing is trying to carve out 1/2 hour a day to work out on my new Wii Fit. Oh, yes, I did get one for my birthday (thank you GF Tracy!) and I absolutely love it! I am the first to admit that I am zero on the physical activity scale (and my belly, thighs, arms. legs - you get the idea - show it!). I'm not getting any younger you know, so something had to be done. And let me tell ya', that something was most definitely not going to happen in a gym or walking the mean streets of my neighborhood. So, Wii Fit comes to the rescue.

I can do not only aerobic exercise, but I can also yoga and most importantly for me, balance exercises that are helping my ankles (remember those things?) heal. I actually wish I had a Wii Fit near the beginning of the year, just as I was coming off of physical therapy; I think I'd be way ahead in the whole ankle strength area.

So, trust me, do yourself a favor and get one of these things - Cam even does some of the exercises with me. I'll try to get a picture of it one day. Only $90 folks - way cheaper than a gym membership and I dare say, much more fun as well!


Lovebabz said…
Girl, folks are wild about the Wii fit stuff. HHmm I may have to ask Santa!

How are you these days? Any fione Men on the horizon?
Ndelible said…

I can tell you that Wii is all that. I absolutely LOVE mine. I take Saturday nights off - but I do it all the other days. Today, I even did it in the morning and evening. I hope to expand to that on a regular basis - doing yoga and some aerobics in the am and aerobics, strength and balance in the evening.

I am sorry to say that there are no fione men on the horizon, but I'm hopeful (asking for it everyday) - as soon as there is or are candidates, I'll let you know.

I've been hung up with work stuff lately (meditating on it every day); it seems to be over now, but it's budget season. yuck

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