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What's In A Label?

The other day, I was thinking about Jaime Cullum, a fabulous young artist who does kick ass covers of standards as well as his own original material. I've been a fan since I heard him on NPR a few years ago. Jaime's pretty awesome and I can't wait to finally see him in person - tearing up his piano on the stage. I happened to mention the talented twenty-something to a friend who remarked, "isn't he on.....?" some label. I had to admit that I indeed, had no idea from what label the two albums of his I own were minted. As a matter of fact, when I thought about it, I had no idea on what labels artists in my own iPod released their albums under. It occurred to me that record companies have lost their identity and therefore, their relevance.
Just think, remember back in the day - the association between the artist and the label was strong. Remember record labels like this? Or how about this? I still have strong memories connected to the album, "Let It Be"…

Who's Fit? Wii's Fit!

I'd like to say that I've been out climbing mountains, winning Olympic gold medals in swimming or saving the world from McCain, but alas, I have not been doing any of those things. What I have been doing is trying to carve out 1/2 hour a day to work out on my new Wii Fit. Oh, yes, I did get one for my birthday (thank you GF Tracy!) and I absolutely love it! I am the first to admit that I am zero on the physical activity scale (and my belly, thighs, arms. legs - you get the idea - show it!). I'm not getting any younger you know, so something had to be done. And let me tell ya', that something was most definitely not going to happen in a gym or walking the mean streets of my neighborhood. So, Wii Fit comes to the rescue.
I can do not only aerobic exercise, but I can also yoga and most importantly for me, balance exercises that are helping my ankles (remember those things?) heal. I actually wish I had a Wii Fit near the beginning of the year, just as I was coming off of p…