Wonder Reintroduced

I got the chance to go to the movies last week - and boy was I glad that our schedule got all mixed up, that we had to make a change in our choice of film. Godsister KK wanted to see Sex & the City after ten months in Ghana. (SATC isn't the only thing I'd want to see after ten months in Africa, that's all I've got to say...) I was surely up to it, being a SATC fan; although I was fine waiting until it debuted on HBO, like I do for most films. For her, SATC would be just fine on a warm Friday afternoon. Then we ran out of time and options to take care of Cam, so we had to pick something child-friendly -- his first movie in the theater.
We choose Wall-E.

Boy am I glad that we did.

I loved this film. I found it the perfect pitch of humor, romance, message, smarts and wonder - yes, wonder. Wonder is something quite missing from our lives today. How beautiful is a lighter bringing forward a yellow middle surrounded by a halo of blue? Do we recall the simplicity and perfection of a sapling? And yes, we can forget the beauty beyond our atmosphere - the Milky Way of stars and planets. But Wall-E brings it all to us in Pixar color!

It's the story of a robot who inhabits wonder; he finds beauty in the mundane and for us - the usual. Wall-E is sweet, smart and earnest. The character is so charming - so very likable, that you can't help but relate. When EVE shows up on our decimated planet, it's telling us something; technology, while beautiful, can be deadly.

The story? Earth dies, humans become fat consumers, earth regenerates. Robot gets robot. Oh, and cockroaches survive all. I'm happy to report that even Cam survived - only getting restless during the last ten minutes of the film. I'd say that's pretty good for an inaugural film for a three and a half year old, wouldn't you?

I have been telling everyone to see this film -- it is brilliant. No, it's awesome. Well, it's fantastic. Geesh, it's unforgettable. I am giving Wall-E the highest compliment and recommendation --

I would pay full price to see it again.


Lovebabz said…
OK, then based on your recommendations I will take the beanie beans! LOL!
Ndelible said…

I promise that you will not be disappointed. It is a marvelous film - for both kids and adults. I can't wait to see it again!

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