Tracy and I are off to Mexico for another cruise this weekend - mostly to celebrate that birthday - yipee! I can't wait. I sure do hope that there are some fione men to be seen; the fewer clothes the better.

I am not a candidate for an open position in my company any longer; they pulled a dick cheney and chose one of the search committee to be the candidate. Oh well. I guess I can be better off staying with my gals, knowing my job and not having to work my fingers to the bones. I did get a new Blackberry -- with a camera, so I will be taking random pictures and posting them from now on.

No man compares to Mr. Casablanca so far in my eyes. It's actually quite annoying. There have got to be great guys out there, right?

I've consolidated, refinanced, paid off and budgeted. Why do I still feel broke?

My stomach and my thighs are not getting any smaller. But the good news is, neither are my tits.

I tried fried crickets today - insects really are the new protein you know. They weren't bad - quite good actually, especially when you hide them under raita, sweet & sour sauce as well as rice.

The sunlight brings me joy; as does the evening sky.

Trusting the loving universe doesn't sound like such a bad idea right at this moment.


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