On Presumption

DRs, as you know, I've been totally obsessing on the presidential campaign, watching - in total Road to the White House, Hardball and Countdown via DVR. The latest buzz word is "presumptuous" - as in Obama is. Well, what do you know? As a BW, I hear "uppity negro". Yeah, right. I suppose that is what any successful person of color has heard over the course of their career. It's the "black tax" - we have to work harder, be smarter, think faster, be nicer, and look, well, nonthreatening while doing it. How on earth does one do all of those things and be "nonthreatening"? Change is always threatening; always - without question. Powers that be/are - hopefully going away, are scared that they will be gone, swept away by competence.

Yes, that's it - Obama is confident. He is capable. And smart. And fast. It is his job to convince us, The People, that he is ready on day one.

I think he's doing a fine job. Go head man!

As an uppity, presumptuous BW, I approve this message.


Lovebabz said…
Girl... you already know.

Add heels for a Sista...
Anonymous said…
It would appear that there may be skeletons in Obama's closet.

Anonymous said…
Not their best work I know....

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