Fione Man of the Month

Chris Botti
I am mucho excited - on Wednesday I'm heading out to the Chris Botti & Orchestra show at the Hollywood Bowl. His special guest will be Cassandra Wilson, my favorite jazz singer. Not only is Mr. Botti very, very talented on the trumpet, my Dad's instrument, he is absolutely gorgeous. When I put him on for my Dad, he was mightily impressed - I didn't show him a picture of CB - he might have rethought his talented pronouncement. So, now that I'm grown, and I bought somewhat decent seats, I can look at Mr. Botti with abandon, not on the jumbo tron (note to self: just in case, bring/rent/steal/borrow some binoculars so you can ogle real close up).

Whenever I figure out how to add a clip of some of his music to the blog, I will! Viva Chris Botti - thanks for not being just a pretty face!


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