Fione Man of the Month

Russell Wong
This month, I am giving some love to the Asian brothers out there. And why not? My first crush in life was on Peter Chang in kindergarten! Let me not mention that it was because he reminded me of Bruce Lee... I'm not especially drawn to Asian men, what I am attracted to are handsome, sexy, smart men -- no matter the race or ethnicity. A lot of people don't know who Russell is, although, they've probably seen him in movies like The Joy Luck Club or Romeo Must Die. My favorite is the 80s indie, Eat a Bowl of Tea, a completely charming film not seen by nearly enough folk. Oh, and he has a half black daughter... Oh, you gotta love a man who is open to cross the racial line! Now ladies, give it up for Russell, he's most assuredly, an Asian God!


I have loved him since forever. Mmmm
Ndelible said…
Ain't he the cat's meow? He is one of the most handsome men IMHO.
Lovebabz said…

He is beyond FINE! Yes I would not say no to him under any circumstances...DELICIOUS!

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