UPDATE: Chasing the Dream

Responses to rarely received emails are hard to do, but I did it -- yes, I did right away (although I'm not telling you about it DR until two weeks later)! I had issues with formatting here on Blogspot, so this post sat, half done for four days. Now, I know you've stopped your oh-so exciting life waiting for an update on what passes for romance between myself and MC. And here you are - the first shot in my last salvo to see if he is indeed The One:

Hey [MC],

First and foremost, how are you doing? I don't imagine you're taking real good care of yourself, but still... I just left you a voicemail - basically saying that I was planning on giving you a call to check in, precisely because we hadn't talked in a while. I hope after all this time that you know me and that I didn't take any offense. If anything, I thought perhaps I had over shot my wad, so I thought it was best to leave you to do what you - do - work on elevators. Where were they going to move you - the job near your house? At least you don't have to see or talk to Joe that much anymore, right?

It is my pleasure to make sure that all the regular workers at my building feel welcome and part of the team. Plus, it helps that you guys are cool.

I haven't talked to Jason yet; actually haven't seen him at all. He's busy working away I guess! So, the good news is that now we don't have to be all professional like and stuff... We can tell inappropriate jokes and make fun of each other's pet peeves. So let's laugh, okay? But, if you don't laugh at the attached, you have serious issues that we'll have to take up over a dinner of really good meat. Well, even if you do laugh...

Don't be daft; that's right, I'm asking you out on a real, live d-a-t-e. Right here and right now. Pull out your calendar.

What Saturday night are you free? Don't volunteer to work and don't plan a trip. I would've done this when I called - that is, if you had picked up. Heck, I would have done it way back when you flirted and I gave you that blank stare; I felt I had to maintain some semblance of professionalism. Not to mention, I'm a lousy flirt. However the river flows, I consider you someone I'm very happy to know. It's official - you are not to be a stranger!!!!


PS Do you like Cheap Trick or the Beatles?


Lovebabz said…
A Bold move indeed...I LOVED IT!
Ndelible said…
Ah, yeah, boldness - something often accused but not usually exercised. Getting rid of the fear.

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