Still Smarting

A particularly articulate and eloquent comment on Talking Points Memo inspired me to the following response:

Thank you so very much for putting in words exactly what I've been feelingand thinking these last few days. Fear is not my friend, and unfortunately, fear has been sitting next to me since I heard these words spoken by someone seeking the highest office in the land. I beat it back, asking for my real friend, Hope, to come back, sit on my shoulder and encourage me further. Sometimes Hope answers my call and yet, fear returns when I happen to see or read the apologists or just plain lugheaded pundits describe these daggers as a "gaffe" or "poor choice of words". There were not, are not and will never be such misnomers. She voiced fear and now it is here and won't go away anytime soon. At least not until many years have passed, Obama is an elder statesmen, advising future progressive candidates on his very successful eight years in the White House and all the good works after. No, she has marred our collective moment of hope after so many years of cynicisim, of despair, of anger... Hillary Rodham Clinton should be ashamed of herself. She needs a come to Jesus, Buddha, Whatever moment NOW. She is done. Take her out. Put her out. She makes me ashamed of my sex, my country and my species.


The more it is replayed, the more it upsets me.

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