Middle Movement or End Game?

Responses can be so unsavory, so unwanted, so hurtful.

I am sorry but I have started seeing someone. I waited to write you back because I wanted to see how the weekend went with her. We went to Palm Springs and had a good time. I am going to give her a try and see how things go. If she becomes a crazy bitch I will be sure to contact you:)

Take Care,

Funny enough, I smiled as I shared this response with Skinny Gal. She got all excited and thought for sure that he and I were headed to date city. I can't even tell you how relieved I was after I read it. Not that I read it carefully. I skipped over the sentence on his waiting until after their weekend... Hey, a girl's gotta hold on to something, right? I responded:

Well, I'm glad to see that you're at least taking care of yourself a little bit ;-) Be positive -- why on earth would you bother with someone who could devolve into a beotch, right? You've got better taste than that! Know that it's still official - you're not to be a stranger – seeing someone or not.


PS You're darn right, if it doesn't work out (not that I'm jinxing ya), but you really should call me. Oh - and you really don't know anyone
to fix [Skinny Gal] up with??????

I'm not waiting around for that obviously written in the stars romance to end. I'm actively looking for cocktails to imbibe and clothes to wear. It's all about the Ndel now.


Lovebabz said…
YOU GO GIRL! Now that's the spirit! He's just one bus on the route...there are a million more...just wait a minute and the next one will be along shortly!
Ndelible said…
I LOVE you Babz! Thank you for inspiring me! Yeah, the road must be more traveled!

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