I am sooooo mad

Just a few words before I catch a nap - I will have an update on Mr. Casablanca this weekend. Right now, I am so pissed at Hillary Clinton for her remarks yesterday that I've been beside myself. If you haven't seen Keith Olbermann's special comment, you really should:

She should withdraw NOW!


JRR42 said…
I have to constantly remind myself that she is already defeated, otherwise I'd drive myself crazy.
Lovebabz said…
That Bitch is determined to use and do anything by any means necessary to try to get her ass in the White House. I am not sure if I am mad at her or that I am disappointed in her and her shit!

I am taking a breath and waiting to see how all this plays out!
Ndelible said…


I have to agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. I truly think that if I saw HRC, I would punch her out. I have never felt that way about someone (okay, not quite, certainly only about those who crossed and hurt me directly). She needs to go. She should go with her tail between her legs (she is a devil; she has a tail). The day when she withdraws cannot come soon enough.


I used to vacilate between pity and anger. I'm just at anger now. I have been at turns, mad - lazy - tired - and wiped out, hence no posts. It's enough.

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