BREAKING NEWS - The First Goodbye

I'm shocked I tell ya, just shocked. This morning I opened up my email box to find a note from Mr. Casablanca. Yup, he's baaaack! He's back, telling me that he's now gone. He's no longer at my building, off to another job quite far away. In his email, he writes that he knows we hadn't talked in a while, but he hoped it was not him. In fact, it was him or rather, how I interpreted him. I was sure he was not interested, so I decided to shut down and withdraw gracefully (something Hillary could learn a thing or two about). I wasn't mean or difficult - not even distant - I simply did not call or seek him out. Simple enough - I had to save my sanity. When I did give him a ring just to "check in" as we used to call it, I asked how he was doing and he said he had not been feeling well lately; he'd been to the doctor and even he could not really tell him what was wrong. He was going to have some tests done.

Chest pains - something to send a chill down a gal's back. I wasn't terribly worried; but that's not to say that I wasn't worried at all.

Then again, I'm always worried about something or other.

Back to the email. He thanked me for my professionalism and creating a good work environment for he and his crew, wished me luck and closed with, "take care" and his first and last name.

What would you make of this kind of note? Does it mean bubye -cya or "hey, I'm open to something more"? I can't tell for the life of me. BF says no matter what, looks like he wants to clear up something with me. She wasn't sure that I shouldn't break my neck diving for the cell in order to call and ask him out or just let it go. For now, she's on the ask him out side; I'll always wonder "what if". At this moment, I'm in that camp too. I've spent the last month or so cleansing myself of the thought of him. If there ever was the chance of a fairly clean rejection acceptance phase, now would be the time.

I haven't dialed the digits yet. What, DRs, do you suggest I do?


Lovebabz said…
CALL HIM! No it's probably better that he is working another site. Now you can step up to the plate!


CALL HIM! CALL HIM! CALL HIM ask him out for coffee.
Ndelible said…
Alright, I probably should admit that I am already very much disposed to calling him and asking him out. I suppose I'm just trying to get my groove. I think it'll be tonight sometime. I'll keep you updated!
Clarice said…
Not sure if it will be too late by the time you see this - hope not :) Bottom line he feels he messed up and wants to see if the door is completely closed. Granted he did contribute to the communication and mixed message but with reason.

He respects you and wants you to be able to find him hence the full name signature - just in case you forget him.

Cut him some slack - give him a call meet for coffee if for no other reason than the professional relationship you shared and the human level interaction.

Have fun!

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