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Cruise Me

Hey all - I am off for my first cruise tomorrow. I'm so excited. Hopefully, I'll have lotsa good stories to share upon my return.

Have a great weekend!

Poetry Monday


Without joining it all,
Without actually grasping the essence,
I touched the appex;
the grades
the rules
the gains.

I reached out and melted the atom
toppled the Great Wall
rid the earth of roaches
cured all diseases
And righted the wrongs of the human race.

I penetrated Fort Knox
ended Apartheid
stopped the wars
healed the scars.
And eradicated hunger and poverty.

I solved the Mid East crisis
brought the world powers to their knees
balanced the budget
Even paid off the National Debt.

I reunited the cells
spoke with the dolphins
Ah, yes
I even sold more soda than Coca Cola.

I did it all
When I pressed the button.

revised: 11/05/93

Still Smarting

A particularly articulate and eloquent comment on Talking Points Memo inspired me to the following response:

Thank you so very much for putting in words exactly what I've been feelingand thinking these last few days. Fear is not my friend, and unfortunately, fear has been sitting next to me since I heard these words spoken by someone seeking the highest office in the land. I beat it back, asking for my real friend, Hope, to come back, sit on my shoulder and encourage me further. Sometimes Hope answers my call and yet, fear returns when I happen to see or read the apologists or just plain lugheaded pundits describe these daggers as a "gaffe" or "poor choice of words". There were not, are not and will never be such misnomers. She voiced fear and now it is here and won't go away anytime soon. At least not until many years have passed, Obama is an elder statesmen, advising future progressive candidates on his very successful eight years in the White House and al…

What Could Have Been

Okay, I'm finally sitting down to watch Casino Royale with Daniel Craig making his inaugural appearance as Mr. Bond. Now, I am a HUGE Clive Owen fan and thought he should have assumed the mantle. Plenty of folks told me I was wrong, especially after seeing the finished product. But, while Craig is more than serviceable in the role, I cannot help but notice the my man Clive would have been better.

Yeah, I know I shouldn't rant against casting decisions already made, but as I'm thinking of who should be my next Fione Man of the Month, I'm just soo very upset that I've already named Clive!!!

If they just listed to me, all would be fine, I'm sure of it.

Middle Movement or End Game?

Responses can be so unsavory, so unwanted, so hurtful.
I am sorry but I have started seeing someone. I waited to write you back because I wanted to see how the weekend went with her. We went to Palm Springs and had a good time. I am going to give her a try and see how things go. If she becomes a crazy bitch I will be sure to contact you:)

Take Care,
Funny enough, I smiled as I shared this response with Skinny Gal. She got all excited and thought for sure that he and I were headed to date city. I can't even tell you how relieved I was after I read it. Not that I read it carefully. I skipped over the sentence on his waiting until after their weekend... Hey, a girl's gotta hold on to something, right? I responded:
Well, I'm glad to see that you're at least taking care of yourself a little bit ;-) Be positive -- why on earth would you bother with someone who could devolve into a beotch, right? You've got better taste than that! Know that it's still official …

UPDATE: Chasing the Dream

Responses to rarely received emails are hard to do, but I did it -- yes, I did right away (although I'm not telling you about it DR until two weeks later)! I had issues with formatting here on Blogspot, so this post sat, half done for four days. Now, I know you've stopped your oh-so exciting life waiting for an update on what passes for romance between myself and MC. And here you are - the first shot in my last salvo to see if he is indeed The One:

Hey [MC],

First and foremost, how are you doing? I don't imagine you're taking real good care of yourself, but still... I just left you a voicemail - basically saying that I was planning on giving you a call to check in, precisely because we hadn't talked in a while. I hope after all this time that you know me and that I didn't take any offense. If anything, I thought perhaps I had over shot my wad, so I thought it was best to leave you to do what you - do - work on elevators. Where were they going to move you - the jo…

Calling Me On

I caught "The Matchmaker" the other night and saw that this song that I've been looking forever was on the soundtrack. I'm really glad I found it. I had no idea it's by Robbie Williams, an artist I really like. Who knows who's the one?

I am sooooo mad

Just a few words before I catch a nap - I will have an update on Mr. Casablanca this weekend. Right now, I am so pissed at Hillary Clinton for her remarks yesterday that I've been beside myself. If you haven't seen Keith Olbermann's special comment, you really should:

She should withdraw NOW!

BREAKING NEWS - The First Goodbye

I'm shocked I tell ya, just shocked. This morning I opened up my email box to find a note from Mr. Casablanca. Yup, he's baaaack! He's back, telling me that he's now gone. He's no longer at my building, off to another job quite far away. In his email, he writes that he knows we hadn't talked in a while, but he hoped it was not him. In fact, it was him or rather, how I interpreted him. I was sure he was not interested, so I decided to shut down and withdraw gracefully (something Hillary could learn a thing or two about). I wasn't mean or difficult - not even distant - I simply did not call or seek him out. Simple enough - I had to save my sanity. When I did give him a ring just to "check in" as we used to call it, I asked how he was doing and he said he had not been feeling well lately; he'd been to the doctor and even he could not really tell him what was wrong. He was going to have some tests done.

Chest pains - something to send a chill down …

Poetry Sunday - Happy Mother's Day


She reminds
of a lovely siren

She reminds
of a greek goddess
performing miracles

She reminds
of a friend

A friend so special
She stands by me
So special
She helps me
So special
She's my mother...