May 2nd - LoveBabz - No, LOVE Babz!

There is nowhere to hide. The time is growing short. May 2nd will be here before you can blink an eye. I don't know why I was hiding in the first place. Okay, that's not exactly true. I had been formulating in my head what the heck I was going to write in honor of Lovebabz's birthday. Writing on demand has eluded me for years now - probably the main reason why I did not pursue writing as a career. Perhaps I got myself into a tizzy unnecessarily.
In short, no poetry for you.

No, I think my poetry is sappy and Babz is anything but sappy. Is it possible to admire someone you've only read on the Net? Rhetorical question - because I know that the answer is yes. As I read Babz's blog each day, I learn more and more about the amazing human being she is. I found Babz on and to be truthful, she's the only one I found that I stuck with. Her story, her life, her thoughts give me just a little more appreciation each day.

We all have our stories; we have our tears, our triumphs and our tribulations. What makes a person especially special is when they rise above and manage to communicate that otherworldly sense of acceptance -- zen to others. Babz does this -- she reminds me that each day is a gift and that love, yes love is our highest goal. We can forgive. We can rise above. We can see the lesson in the bad. Babz reminds me each and every day to think of my son, my family, my world; to take a deep breath and face life with a smile. How ironic that each day she gives me a gift. Our hearts only mean something when given to others.

Bless this day of your birth Babz. And bless you.


Lovebabz said…

I just happened over here today to check in to see if you posted. I was NOT expecting this! What a beautiful love missive! oooH I am linking this to the celebration!

You are the best and I love you for it!
Lovebabz said…
I love coming over here and seeing this POST! I know I am like a little kid, but it makes me very happy!

Lovebabz said…

OOO I still love seing this post!

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