Let's End the Bitterness

Okay, this is ridiculous -- Senators Clinton & McCain are drumming up a whole lotta nothing about Obama's remarks about people in the rust belt being bitter and turning to religion or guns or whatever, because they no longer believe that the government serves their interest. Truth to power? Yes.

He further clarifies his comments today:

We, as a people must take back our government. Let's start by electing a once in lifetime politician, Barack Hussein Obama.

Sign the Another Bitter Hoper for Obama petition right now!


Lovebabz said…
AMEN! Well said!
Lovebabz said…
Hey Where are you these days?

Hey I am asking all my fav bloggers to pen a poem, or prose or love missive to me for my birthday...which is May 2nd! Email me your stuff...yes you are doing this! I want you to! I need you to! Check my post today!

Miss you!
Lovebabz said…
Are you EVER going to post again! You are missed!

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