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May 2nd - LoveBabz - No, LOVE Babz!

There is nowhere to hide. The time is growing short. May 2nd will be here before you can blink an eye. I don't know why I was hiding in the first place. Okay, that's not exactly true. I had been formulating in my head what the heck I was going to write in honor of Lovebabz's birthday. Writing on demand has eluded me for years now - probably the main reason why I did not pursue writing as a career. Perhaps I got myself into a tizzy unnecessarily. In short, no poetry for you.
No, I think my poetry is sappy and Babz is anything but sappy. Is it possible to admire someone you've only read on the Net? Rhetorical question - because I know that the answer is yes. As I read Babz's blog each day, I learn more and more about the amazing human being she is. I found Babz on and to be truthful, she's the only one I found that I stuck with. Her story, her life, her thoughts give me just a little more appreciation each day.
We all have our stories; we have our tears…

Let's End the Bitterness

Okay, this is ridiculous -- Senators Clinton & McCain are drumming up a whole lotta nothing about Obama's remarks about people in the rust belt being bitter and turning to religion or guns or whatever, because they no longer believe that the government serves their interest. Truth to power? Yes.

He further clarifies his comments today:

We, as a people must take back our government. Let's start by electing a once in lifetime politician, Barack Hussein Obama.

Sign the Another Bitter Hoper for Obama petition right now!

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Anyone watching this cycle of The Bachelor? I tuned in because the bachelor this year is Matt from London. And do I have tell you how much I love accents? And London? And dreamy men?

Didn't think so.

Ain't he a cutie?

I've watched the series off and on but stopped about three years ago because the cast of characters never seemed to change. I started watching in the first place to cheer on the BW (if there was one) of the group. And don't think it's escaped me that there has only been one Latina (who won the guy, I might remind you) and no - yes no Asian past the first round. Now I know there have got to be a lot more of our yellow sistahs that want to get in on the white boy action. Usually, the black sistah is gone by round three at the latest, but this cycle has the token still around. Now, don't get your hopes up -- apparently she has a big blow out with the other gals (gawd, could they cast more typical white chicks puhleese!) next week. I expect her to be go…

Hairy Scary

Today, Sistah-Gurlfriend Angelista breaks it down on BW hair. To cut or not? To perm or not? To extension or not? To wig or not? Take your pic DR. Being a BW is hard, expensive and painful work. Beauty is pain, right?
Angelista asks should I cut my hair? Well, I did it ten years ago and have never looked back (except in the occasional dream where my hair grows luxuriously long over night). I save so much money and time (SuperCuts & Fantastic Sam's are a short haired girl's best friend!). And, big plus here, I don't care if it's raining or foggy outside. I simply walk right into. As a matter of fact, sometimes I purposely go without a hat, just so I can have the rain and wind in my face -- and without a care in the world, except maybe catching a cold. However, I will admit that many men have a difficult time accepting short haired ladies. Whatever... Can stop to wait for those babies to grow up, now can we?
After about three years of hair liberation, I discovered wig…